Train Dirty. Think Sober


Based in West London, Karine is a qualified Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer. Having always been passionate about her own physical fitness, Karine finds it rewarding to help others to not only  achieve their optimum physical fitness, but also to increase their mental. spiritual and emotional well-being.  This is  the 'Sober' part of the brand. She's by no means saying you have to be a Tee-Totaller, but whatever you do do for fun, do it mindfully...and then train dirty as hell!


Karine is very much of the belief that you don't need to be confined to a gym to meet your fitness goals and prefers instead to work with her clients in a place of their choosing. Whether out in the park or in the comfort of their own home, she is happy to adapt your workout to meet your needs. She is able to travel to most SW and W postcodes, but get in touch for more information


Karine specialises in Tabata which is a series of high intensity interval workouts, inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata who used this protocol on athletes, it is the perfect solution if you're looking to get fit and defined quickly.


Contact Karine at karineb@btinternet.com or give her a call on 07931705679


 Dirty & Sober training and comfy-but-cool gear (and water bottles too...so you can look like you've trained really hard!)



Whether you're looking to tone up or lose weight, Karine will help you achieve your goal. With her knowledge and enthusiasm, your workouts are gauranteed to both challange and energise you, without being boring.


If your main goal is weight loss Karine can help devise a special proramme for you to help you achieve the body you want, focusing on all areas of your life, from your relationship with food to fitness.


For those days when you just can't face training solo, get some friends together and take part in a group workout. Whether you want to be in a park or in your front room, there will be something for everyone.


Tabata is the perfect exercise for people who get bored quickly as it incorperates bursts of various different exercises, thus keeping the intensity high, without losing the novelty factor.



45 MINUTES - £90


X5 SESSIONS - £425


X10 SESSIONS - £800

For group booking prices, please get in touch.

(Now for The Grown-Up Bit)

If you need to cancel a session, I require 24 hours notice but if you just need to change a time, thats fine if that slot is available. You value my time, I value yours!

If you are going to be late, I need you to inform me.

I am human and I understand life throws us last minute curveballs, but please bear in mind that any no-shows will cost you a session.

Also, nothing lasts forever, so your packages have a use-by date: 3 months from day of purchase.

Lastly, enjoy them! You don't have to be an athlete or a Gladiator...just be you and 






Karine is an excellent personal trainer with lots of knowledge and a lovely, enthusiastic manner. I would definitely recommend her if you are trying to get fit.

- Jemima Khan

Karine is an excellent personal trainer – rigorous but not unreasonable. Pushy but positive. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and have seen immediate results. She is particularly good at tailoring the sessions to the clients' likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances and time restrictions etc. I highly recommend her and intend to keep working with her.

- Annabel Rivkin ( Beauty Editor -  Evening Standard ,  Tatler )